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All About Me-

Hello, I’m Carole-Welcome to my blog! 
Other than my son, Christopher, I’ve had two true loves in my life.  Sewing of any and all kinds, and old-timey (so called ‘vintage’) stuff.  Okay….. three, you may have noticed already that I am partial to the kitties.  I sometimes fear that I will end-up as one of those old ladies that live alone, but have 50 cats.

But anyway, the possibilities of sewing are truly endless.  Fabrics delight me- from plush velvets to smooth silks, elegant linens and bright cotton prints.  Fashion trends, types of fabric available, and sewing techniques help describe a culture and tell its history.  Fabrics show the available resources, dyeing and weaving processes.  The wealth and poverty of a culture.  Changes in fabric also mirror the changes in technology.  In 1840, Joseph Jacquard revolutionized the fabric industry by inventing the Jacquard Loom, an automated machine to precisely weave complex patterns.  This loom used punch cards to produce these patterns, which later led to using punch cards to record and read data on early computers.  Sewing is an intricate part of our daily lives.

Miss "Cookie"-My Helper.
When my son was about six yrs. old, he made friends with a Chinese boy at school who started coming home with him on occasion.  When the boy’s mother came to pick him up, we couldn’t communicate very well as she did not speak English.  We just smiled at each other until she noticed a patchwork project I was working on.  She seemed interested, so I showed her the pattern I was following and the different pieces I was sewing.  The next time I saw her she brought her sewing project to show me!  After that we followed each other’s projects.  I learned a lot from her and I hope she learned something from me.  After a while the family moved back to Taiwan, and I often wonder about her.   I enjoyed the time we spent sewing together and I’m sure that she did too.

My love of vintage goods started at a very young age.  I still have an ornate solid-maple mirror that I found walking home from elementary school. It had been put out by the curb as trash, but it became my treasure.    Because my parents grew up during the Depression, I was taught not to waste anything.  I can usually find another use for almost anything.  For years this was in part due to finances (or lack of them).  But also, I appreciate the subtle beauty of things with a history.   Things that have been used with love have special value.

My son has grown into a good man, and I have been given the dubious gift of free time.  So, a few years back, I bought my first computer and discovered a whole new world inside its screen.  I’m still a little overwhelmed by it.  I had to go back to school just to learn how to use my new computer and started taking other classes as well.  I discovered the online ‘handmade’ community, and realized it’s opportunities.  Like so many, I’ve always wanted to have my own business, but it never seemed practical.  Online it is, if you’re willing to put in the time and necessary effort.  So, I’m combining my love of sewing and of vintage to start a new adventure. 

I hope you follow my progress and wish me success!

My son, Christopher, & I in our back yard.