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Friday, May 11, 2018

Tassels: How to Create Broomstick & Yarn ChubbieTassels-Another Easy, but Great Tutorial From Sew4Home

Tassels can be the finishing touch of many home décor projects. Unfortunately, they can be expensive and the selection of colors and styles are limited. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be a problem for you...!
Tassels are actually easy to make, the materials are inexpensive & if you sew or craft-you are likely to have most of the materials on hand.

Do you know how to make your own tassels...?
They are quick, easy, versatile & just plain fun..!
Again, tassels are a wonderful embellishment for linens, cushions, tote bags, afghans etc. This Sew4Home tutorial shows you how to create two unique & classic tassel styles. Just follow the link above.
First, the Broomstick Tassel which is made with sleek embroidery floss wrapped as a hanging loop and the Yarn Chubbie, which looks like a fluffy, little dancing doll.
This tutorial is part of Sew4Home's Fast Friday series of projects that are about whipping up something wonderful, with items on hand & in no time at all.
Sounds Good- 
They share very basic sewing & crafting lessons-which will add to your skill & lead you in new directions..!

Broomstick Tassels:

& Yarn Chubbies:

These tutorials are for medium-sized tassels, but it's easy to adjust the size. Go larger for home décor projects, like floor cushions. Or, if you like, you can make them smaller to wear as a pendant necklace or tiny as elegant earrings.


On a floor pillow:

Use as a key fob:

You can also look up this previous tutorial by Sew4Home:

Click to Enlarge

This tutorial was written for embroidery floss because it is inexpensive, easy to find & the options are nearly endless. Floss comes in silk, metallic and variegated color options as well as the traditional Pearle cotton. This tutorial was meant for holiday sewing projects-stockings, ornaments, table runners & more.

Looking for a challenge...?


Or Something Simple & Sweet:

A Tassel Blanket

Isn't this a sweet photo.....?!

One more project from Sew4Home, they have the nicest patterns:

BoHo Fringe Scarf

 Just an additional note:  I came across this article from Vogue Magazine which says tassels & fringe are making a comeback in home decor. This fringed mirror is taken from Instagram's "The Perfect Future". I kinda like it...!

                                                                  Fringe Benefits-Vouge Magazine

 Well, I think that's all I have to say about tassels at this moment. I hope you found this useful and/or at least interesting.

Hope you are having a great day....!

The Beginning of Catitude..................

Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Different Point of View: Log Cabin Ribbon Patchwork

One of the things that makes life so interesting.....Everyone has a different point of view! I probably would never thought of using ribbons to create a log cabin block, but for Elaine Schmidt whose passion is ribbons, it's a natural.

Lazy Log Cabin Ribbon Patchwork:

This is ribbon patchwork, one of the techniques that is featured in her book: "How to Make 100 Ribbon Embellishments". Which is available at: Amazon.com

This is called the Lazy Log Cabin pattern because it really is a short-cut version of the traditional pieced patchwork block. Except, the piecing uses rows of ribbons, placed side-by-side, to imitate the look of fabric. 

The block starts with a center square of ribbon that is fused to a base fabric. Surrounding rows of ribbon are then positioned around the square in rows. Each row covers the raw cut edges to the previous row, creating a very quick and neat log cabin block. Machine zigzag or decorative overcast stitches can be sewn along all the edges, where the ribbons abut. It would be interesting to mix fussy cut fabrics with the ribbons as a border.......
I'm going to put some thought into this and I'll let you know what I come up with-

Any suggestions?